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Some Ideas to keep you warmer this winter, whilst being eco-friendly

As temperatures start dropping, people’s natural reaction is to turn the heat up. But can we keep ourselves warmer by spending less energy, thus being more eco-friendly?

Layer it up!

It’s the oldest trick in the book. Dress in layers, put some socks on and have more blankets instead of heating the room too much just so you can be in your underwear whilst it’s -10 degrees outside.

No more drafts!

Gusts and breezes are no good when it comes to keeping heat in your home. Luckily, sorting this issue out is relatively simple and you can make your own gust-stopper or get one at any home shops to make your home gust-free.

Put a reflector sheet behind your radiators

You want to make sure that your radiators are warming up your rooms and not just the walls! There are cheap and easy to apply sheets help to reflect heat from the radiators back into the room, keeping your home warm without any waste.

Cook dinner at home

Everyone has to eat and winter is a perfect time for stews and roasts, all of which require a significant amount of heat to cook. Not only do recipes like these give you a lovely warm dinner, the cooking process also helps to warm up your house through residual heating!

Keep moving

Everyone knows exercise is good for you, and getting your blood pumping is a great side-effect for keeping you warm. Don’t just sit around complaining about being cold, get up and move around. Why not put away your laundry, do the washing up or run the hoover around? You’ll find that you’ll feel much warmer in no time.

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