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5 Ideas for eco-friendly ways to celebrate Christmas and Valentine’s Day

Christmas and Valentine’s Day are probably two of the holiday’s people love the most, but what we don’t think about how big the environmental impact is when it comes to giving presents.

Here are 5 ideas to have a more eco-friendly approach when it comes to surprising your loved ones.

  1. Switch roses for trees.

Roses are a classic gift, but do you wonder where they come from, especially during these cold months? They are grown specially, transported all the way to the store and they are quick to wither and die after you buy them. Why not change that present with something that will last longer like planting a tree together? Search for local initiatives on the matter and share a lovely experience with your loved ones.

  • Don’t buy cut down Christmas trees or Plastic ones.

Instead, why don’t you buy a living Christmas tree in a pot that you can plant after the holidays?

  • Think outside the chocolate box.

Think about all the plastic wrapping that comes for chocolates and other sweets and try to support a local smaller bakery оr а Chocolaterie that uses organic wrapping.

  • Give a gift with a meaning.

One way to reduce the environmental impact is just to buy less but if you are set on buying gifts – look for organizations that do good with their products like 4Ocean that make minimalist bracelets out of recovered ocean plastic.

  • Use recycled wrapping paper or fabric

In 2017, the UK threw out an estimated 108 million rolls of Christmas wrapping paper. You can make your gifts look memorable with some creative use of recycled brown paper or newspaper. Or use fabric that can be rescued.

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