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Eco-responsible Citizen via Location-sensitive Game-based training

Demonstrating ecological responsibility skills has been recognized as being of utmost importance across all EU member states, in order to address the World and Europe strategic targets at their grass root level and implement sustainability related policies.

ECOLOGical responsibility is key to our communities’ social development and future smart economies and this is something pursued and funded by all modern societies.

Acquiring such skills and competences is not a trivial challenge, since there is usually a lack of understanding of certain dimensions of ecology and more importantly there is usually a lack of cultural grounds that need life-long training to be refined.

Adults do not usually spare the time to get formal training on these topics due to their demanding everyday work and family lives.

Target groups:

  • Young, older and senior adults
  • Local/Regional/National adult education providers active in fields around ecological sensitivity/responsibility
  • Officers of municipality/local organisation
  • Policy makers in education and environmental sustainability
  • Society as a whole

Start date: 01/11/2019
Duration: 24 months

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